Pregnancy Meditation: Volume 1 – Enid Guthrie


In this meditation volume, Enid Guthrie takes you through a gentle process helping you to relax, reduce anxiety, and connect with your ‘little person’.

  • Long & short versions. Total time: 40 minutes
  • Bonus tracks included: Sleep & Energise meditations. Total time: 1 hour


Pregnancy Mediation Volume 1 is a response to a situation of restlessness, tension, and anxiety that arises in many women during their pregnancy. The meditation begins with Enid helping you to become aware of your body and focusing on connecting with your baby in a beautiful and relaxing way. The two versions of the meditation, long and short, have been created to suit the time limitations of each mother to be. After listening to the meditation you will not only feel less anxious but newly energized with a deep experience of relaxation, awareness, and inner silence.

The bonus meditations also feature Enid and were specifically created for those times when you feel either tired from a lack of sleep or in need of a pep up as your energy levels wane. Both are a great accompaniment to Pregnancy Meditation Volume 1.

Audio Download
Contents: 1 Audio download (Long 26:48 minutes); 1 Audio download (Short 11:30 minutes)
Filetypes: MP3
Date Published: May 2016


BONUS – 2 x additional meditations by Enid Guthrie

  • Bonus Track 1 – Sleep Meditation (29:41 minutes)
  • Bonus Track 2 – Energise Meditation (27:10 minutes)


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