Ngaio Richards
Ngaio Richards

Despite being born into a white anglo middle-class family in small town NSW Australia, I taught myself to eat mashed potato and peas with chopsticks at a very young age. My lifelong attraction to eastern therapies was born.

After several years of martial arts training and winning second place in the Australian women’s kickboxing championships, the gnawing discomfort within that I had been ignoring, began to yell at me: “why am I spending all this time and energy learning how to hurt people?

Meditation entered my life. Sweeping me onto a winding journey that still continues.

Along this path, I have uncovered anger, childhood trauma, conditioned responses, the pain of unknown origin (some at least, I suspect from my time in my mother’s womb), fracturing, a propensity for mystical experiences, causeless joy, connectedness, oneness and so much more. I’ve had many many questions. These days I am not so much looking for answers, I am happy to just be. It has taken me a long time to be able to experience the silence and the bliss of sitting.

Many years ago I begun practicing yoga and still continue. It too helps me immeasurably in so many ways. Meanwhile allowing my passion to guide me, I trained as an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. Fascinated by the menstrual cycle, I began treating more and more women. Now years later my practice comprises primarily of pregnant women and those wishing to be. I established House of Fertility and Healing, a center expressly for the purpose.

Like other practitioners who have a special interest in women’s health, I journey with my patients through a broad emotional landscape, often tumultuous and rocky ground – especially in regard to attempts to conceive. But pregnancy also brings up a host of challenges, not only physical.

I witness some patients on the table, strung-out and unable to relax. I notice many people have too little connection to their breath. I think it would surprise a lot of people to discover just how many confess to experiencing anxiety and that it is a problem for them. I sit with patients wrestling with their personal pain and life experiences, not knowing what to do or how to manage themselves during these dark hours. I see that so many of us lack skills or feel ill-equipped to deal with the personal and emotional challenges life dishes up. Of course, there are many upsides to what I do, how else could I continue?

I met Enid Guthrie many years ago, our common bonds a mutual passion for yoga, meditation, and pregnant women. I’ve worked with hundreds of her students, hearing first hand how much she has helped them. Sadly for us, Enid has left Sydney now to begin a new chapter of her life elsewhere, and so in an attempt to fill this gaping hole, to continue helping pregnant women, has come into being.

This website is a labor of love from us to you. It contains the integration of our combined years of life experience. Maybe not all of it, but hopefully you will find enough guidance or wisdom in here to help you and your ‘little person’ to grow from here and to flourish into the very best versions of yourselves.

Ngaio Richards
M. Hlth. Sc. (TCM), Dip. App. Sc. (Ac)

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