Enid Guthrie
Enid Guthrie
— Pregnancy Meditation & Yoga Teacher
Enid is a passionate Yoga & Meditation Teacher who currently resides and teaches in France. Originally emerging from the watery womb of the Lake District in the United Kingdom, Enid’s unwavering dedication to helping people began at a tender age and never left her.

Before her yogic and meditative journey began Enid, an Oxford-trained nurse and midwife, served in England and Central Africa before arriving in Sydney Australia where she spent nearly two decades working as an Administrator and Theatre Sister at the King George V Operating Theatres in the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH).

Enid’s career has primarily revolved around allopathic western medicine. However, over the years her awareness that treating symptoms and removing affected parts doesn’t necessarily restore health to the optimal level of wellbeing evolved. This was partially the impetus that drove her to study Yoga, Healing, Qigong, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Philosophies, Nutrition and Ayurveda. She holds qualifications in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Effective Antenatal Education. This immersion bridged the chasm between allopathic and holistic health. She received her International Yoga Teachers Diploma since 1991.

An infinitely devoted yogic practitioner for nearly thirty years, Enid is passionately dedicated to working with pregnant women. Her key specialty lies in teaching pre- and post-natal yoga & meditation wherein she strategically combines decades of western medical knowledge with her yogic expertise and practical understanding of holistic medicines.

As an integral member of the ‘RPAH Parent/Patient Education Team’, Enid was one of the first and most renowned professionals pioneering the introduction and continued provision of meditation and yoga to pregnant women from within the Australian hospital system. During these 23 years, Enid also taught ‘Prenatal Education’ and ‘Birth Empowerment’, as well as expanding on her yoga teaching under the auspice of the eminent obstetrician Dr. Stephen Morris’s practice ‘Sydney Mother and Baby’. Enid’s compassion, her knowledge and especially her meditations have become, and still are, legendary amongst expectant and new mums throughout Sydney.

Additionally, Enid was an intrinsic part of the International Yoga Teachers Committee of Management (the IYTA governing board) for over a decade. She also served as the ‘Co-ordinator of Supportive Holistic Health’ within the Division of Women and Children’s Health & Cancer Institute at RPAH for 23 years.

Enid Anne Guthrie

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