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The Who & the Why

Enid Guthrie and Ngaio Richards met many years ago in Sydney, Australia. Both of them share a common bond and mutual passion for yoga, meditation, and helping pregnant women.

I’ve worked with hundreds of Enid’s students over the years, hearing first hand how much she has helped them. Sadly for us, Enid has left Sydney now to begin a new chapter of her life in France, and so in an attempt to fill this gaping hole, to continue helping pregnant women, has come into being. This website is a labor of love from us to you. It contains the integration of our combined years of life & work experience. Maybe not all of it, but hopefully you will find enough guidance & wisdom in here to help you and your ‘little person’ to grow and flourish into the very best versions of yourselves.

– Ngaio Richards

Enid Guthrie – Pregnancy Meditation & Yoga Teacher

Enid is a passionate Yoga & Meditation Teacher currently resides and teaches in France. Before her yogic and meditative journey began Enid, an Oxford-trained nurse and midwife served in England and Central Africa before arriving in Sydney Australia where she spent nearly two decades working as an Administrator and Theatre Sister at the King George V Operating Theatres in the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH).


Ngaio Richards – Founder, House of Fertility & Healing

Ngaio trained as an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist and has been practising for over 25 years. Fascinated by the menstrual cycle, she began treating more and more women. Now years later her practice, House of Fertility and Healing, comprises primarily of pregnant women and those wishing to be. She practices yoga and meditation regularly and has done so for many years.


NEW – Pregnancy Meditation

Enid Guthrie takes you through a gentle process helping you to relax, reduce anxiety, and connect with your ‘little person’.

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